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Shamanic & Distance Healing
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by Linda on Shamanic & Distance Healing

August is an Extraordinarily gifted Healer. The personal and property clearings he performs have been a true blessing. I felt so much lighter and knew that things I found burdensome were now gone. Additionally August has done crystal surgery on my bladder and all the foreboding symptoms are gone. The remote work is extremely effective so don't miss this rare opportunity to receive such gifted healing work due to any concern in that regard.

by Brittanie on Shamanic & Distance Healing

August is a blessing. He true healer with gifted hands. I came across August's website while looking for a healee that could solve a person situation. As soon as a I called him, he helped me immediately without question. I could immediately feel spirit working to get rid of the blockages that were on me.

Soon after, I ordered a session from him. I could feel his work illuminate every part of my body.

It has been 3 days since I had my first session with him, and I have an inner peace that I have not felt in months. Thank you so much, August, for your benevolence and help. You are such a blessing.

by Lauren on Shamanic & Distance Healing

August is a wonderful healer. Over the last year I have been working with him he has helped me get some peace and tranquility back in my life. His healings are phenomenal! His healings have also helped a family member that has many emotional issues and has suffered from depression for many years. His healings help physically mentally and spiritually. I recently contacted August because i have numerous allergies and i was afraid to receive the Covid vaccine . August cleared all my allergies and the vaccine process went totalky smooth no reactions! He is truly a miracle worker shining light where there is darkness. I am forever grateful.

by Eagle Heart on Shamanic & Distance Healing

I found out about August and his work as a shaman through a colleague. I live in Orlando, FL and August, lives in Virginia. Initially I had illumination, extraction followed by a soul retrieval. After I went to a local healing breath-work retreat I felt exceptionally clear except for an internal fistula on the right side of my head which would not dissipate and was causing me pain. I spoke to August and he said he could facilitate the removal of it remotely. He worked on me late one evening and removed the fistula and when I woke up the next morning I was pleased and amazed the right side of my head was flat---the internal fistula was gone! When I spoke to August he explained that with a Vogel Crystal he remotely did crystal surgery. I felt no pain, bleeding or discomfort. I am so grateful to August for his ability to facilitate healing work, care, concern and dedication to his clients. With much gratitude.

by Soma Barua on Shamanic & Distance Healing

I'm a client based in London of Indian origin. After a series of unlucky accidents and general bad luck in my relationships.. Lots of love but never leading to marriage. I came to the conclusion that I must be cursed. This was confirmed to me by a psychic medium based in Central London. I came across August's website while searching for someone that could help me. I had such a good feeling when I connected with August. I knew he could help me. Turns out I had hundreds curses. August is the real deal.. I can testify to that and he has integrity too. I could actually feel August clearing and working in my aura. I can't thank you enough for the all the help you have given me and all the scans you have done of my energy field every time I bug you with an email. Bless you August x

by Sandy B. on Shamanic & Distance Healing

I was first introduced to Dr. Lageman through my sister, who had hired him to help heal her daughter. My sister was absolutely thrilled with what he was able to do for her daughter through distance healing. As an early birthday gift, my sister put me in contact with Dr. Lageman for distance healing of illumination and extraction. Prior to this healing, I had spent years in counseling in an effort to overcome feelings of anger, insecurities, and negative thoughts that would run through my head constantly.

I called Dr. Lageman and he explained the distance healing process and what he'd be doing. For this process, I was required to lay in a quiet area of my home, and to relax for 30 minutes. I did so while trying to keep my mind clear. During this time I had an uncontrollable urge to smile, and I couldn't stop...then came the laughter. When the laughter stopped I cried, but the tears were not from sadness, they were tears of joy. I felt such incredible happiness and most of all I felt safe. All of the tension and negative things that I held on to for so long slipped away with those tears. I sat up feeling rejuvenated and happy. This feeling is still with me.

Dr. Lageman is a true healer who brings light back into the soul by restoring the positive energy. I'm grateful for my healing experience and to this healer. What he practices cannot be found in western medicine. If you have doubts, put them aside and take a chance, you will not regret it.

by Monica on Shamanic & Distance Healing

August is a great healer. I have had many types of energy healing's over the years. This was my first time with a shaman. I was watching a program on Gaia tv about shamanism and I immediately looked up how I could experience a shamanic healing. I found August online and immediately messaged him on this website. He was quick to call me back. I really loved the fact that I didn't need to express my concerns about what I was needing in my life. He looked at my energy field and stated what didn't belong there and told me to call him in about 30 minutes. I am very sensitive to energy being an empath. I started twiching and felt the energy getting lighter in the room by the minute. My body continued to twitch over the next 20 minutes. I could immediately tell when he was finished. I felt such a sense of lightness and had too much energy after. It was hard to fall asleep that evening. I did have to face my fear of darkness that evening. I sensed a very negative presence in my room that night. It was the first time that I wasn't afraid to face it. I sat up and told it to leave and I felt a calmness immediately after that. I started to have many more positive thoughts after that like he stated to me on the phone. The fear I've felt all my life is no longer a part of me. I am forever grateful for finding August!

I am also a healer but wasn't quite sure which healing modality I wanted to pursue. August suggested reading his book, so i purchased it soon after the healing. It was a very easy to read book, not lengthy and it was to the point. I loved how he stated in the beginning of the book the hard lessons that he had to go through. I could defiantly relate to that! I recommend this book to everyone that is interested in shamanism. Its practical and could be read in a day.

by Dianna on Shamanic & Distance Healing

August is the real deal. I have worked with Shaman and healers all over the world. I have only found one other Shaman that I noticed a difference with.

I felt results within an hour and it continued to level out my emotions and feelings over the next few weeks. I had always had a sense of deep sadness and loneliness and aloneness. After a couple of weeks while I was sitting alone I noticed I didn't have that feeling any longer it has been months now and I have a peaceful calmness to my voice and life. My family and client have noticed as well. I was in so much pain I literally wished I could die. He was my last hope to calm the monkeys in my head and ease my heart.

I am very thankful to August and his gift.

If you have any aspects of your life that are not working call August. He is the the world....

by Dr. Sandra Hammond on Shamanic & Distance Healing

I recommend Dr.Lageman without hesitation with ANY aspect of life that needs a trained, caring and professional guide. He has helped me through trying life experiences with continuing success. In love and gratitude,

Dr. S

by Kim on Shamanic & Distance Healing

Thanks to August, my home and properties are serene. August uses his wide array of skills to heal both people and places. His knowledge and abilities helped me feel safe and secure at work and at home. He is a blessing!


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Shamanistic Healing: Holistic Spiritual Healing

August recently passed away peacefully. He felt he found himself and found his life’s true calling – to heal through the power of shamanistic healing and holistic spiritual healing. Your support of his healing practice was very meaningful to him. Blessings to you!

If you suspect that negative energy might be having an adverse impact on your body and mind, you should do something about it. You would likely benefit from the shamanistic healing that I provide. I’ve delivered holistic spiritual healing to thousands of people over the course of the last decade. You can read testimonials from many of them here to see how I’ve been able to help them remove the blockages that have often existed in their energy fields.

Shamanic Healing Services

I specialize in analyzing a person’s energy field and coming up with an effective way to clear it for them. I’ve developed a long list of shamanistic healing services that are specifically designed to provide people with the holistic spiritual healing that they’re looking for. From illuminations and extractions to soul retrievals and the removal of curses, I can help you choose the services that will work best for you based on your current condition. Whether you choose to come to me to utilize my services in Virginia or use our distance healing options, you’ll be treated to a warm and welcoming experience from start to finish.

Holistic Spiritual Healing

Although we cannot promise you will experience holistic spiritual healing, I can tell you that many of our clients have been blessed with positive results. We invite you to read through some of the testimonials they’ve provided for us here to see what you might be able to expect after taking advantage of the services that I have to offer. As you’ll see, many of them have seen life-changing results after spending time working with me.

Contact August Lightworker at 276-475-3345 for more information on the shamanistic healing services.