Shamanic Soul Retrievals

August recently passed away peacefully. He felt he found himself and found his life’s true calling – to heal through the power of shamanistic healing and holistic spiritual healing. Your support of his healing practice was very meaningful to him. Blessings to you!

At the heart of the work I do as a shaman are soul retrievals. They involve trance work. First, I travel to the lower world. I also do middle world work in which I travel to places in this world that need healing. More about that on the clearing negative energy page. Finally, I do destiny retrievals, in which I travel to the upper world and access a future healed state.  I also see how the person is to die.  I recently did a destiny retrieval for a colleague facing surgery. I found her dying in the 90ies, which is over 20 years away.  This greatly relieved her.

The Steps of a Soul Retrieval

I first do illumination and extraction to make sure everything is clear. I then begin rattling and go into a trance and descend into the lower world. After cleansing myself and greeting the Lord of this world, I then visit my client’s four caves(chambers).

  1. The first visit is to the core of the original wound. I usually see the person as a young child when they first encountered the feeling that the world was not safe. With my power animal (jaguar), I cleanse and heal this cave.
  2. I then move to the second cave which holds the stories about the events in the first cave. I cleanse and heal that cave and symbolically burn the stories that no longer serve the person well. At the end of the soul retrieval, I invite them to write a new and positive contract for their soul. In the first two caves I do the work.
  3. In the third cave, I meet their angels, archangels, guides, ascended masters, and power animals. Then at the end bring their names back to the client.
  4. In the fourth cave I visit in a spiritual sense the next decade of their life to see how they are going to use their gifts. The information gained in cases three and four are the homework for the client The third cave makes up their healing team which they can now work with.

The extraordinary power of the soul retrieval is that when I heal the original wound the rest begin to fall of their own weight. I was taught at Four Winds school to not judge what I am bringing back and also to be aware of cultural differences. For example, in Indian and China a rat is regarded in high esteem as a power animal which is not the case is the USA.

In a soul retrieval that I was doing for a 90 year old Cuban American woman, I found in her third cave, an orangutan. I questioned my guides. They told me to bring it back to her! I did and she jumped for joy. She told me that an eight-year-old girl in Cuba wanted an Orangutan for a pet, but her parents said no because they did not think it was safe. Now she has her Orangutan!

Soul retrievals are extraordinarily powerful and help people start a new life at any age!