Shamanistic Healing Services

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August recently passed away peacefully. He felt he found himself and found his life’s true calling – to heal through the power of shamanistic healing and holistic spiritual healing. Your support of his healing practice was very meaningful to him. Blessings to you!

The healing process involves a 3 part process with each part built on the previous one.


This process centers on clearing out the client’s chakra system. Each of the 7 individual chakras are tested and the negative energy is removed from the effected one. Then the chakra is respun with positive energy.


This occurs when I pass my hand over (about 6“ above the body) looking for heavy/blocked energy. When this energy is found, it is moved out of the body via a pathway into a crystal which receives this energy.

Soul Retrieval

In this process, I go into a spirit world and find what is needed for that persons healing. The client takes notes on what is found and this becomes their homework, i.e. the things that this person needs to work and focus on to advance their healing.

Number of Sessions and Fees

This varies from minimum of two to four sessions. For clients coming from a distance, any sessions after the first one can be done at a distance. Distance work is just as effective. Fees are based on a sliding scale. Sessions normally occur every two weeks.

Owners and Pets

Owners and pets clearing at the same time. Follow up sessions can be done remotely.

Land, home, office clearings

Clearing of homes, offices, and land.