Removal of Curses

Could you have a curse?

Energies often reside in people outside their conscious awareness.  Several years ago, I began removing curses. Curses can be in the here and now or they can be intergenerational, passed down from your previous generations and onto you.  Out of the first 200 curses that I removed, only 3 of these clients told me that they had curses.  The vast majority were unaware that they had curses. These curses were “subtle”.  One of my clients had lost his manager position because of claims on his health insurance due to his young daughter’s blindness in one eye. The client was out of work for 6 months.  The people who terminated him also cursed him with several powerful curses which were preventing him from getting another position.  My client had no idea that he had theses curses. Once I removed the curses, the next day he received three calls for job interviews!!!

One of the healers in my local area has demons, poltergeists, and curses in his energy field. I recently saw him in a social setting and asked how he was doing to which he replied “great”.  No awareness of this negative energy. So call me(no charge) and I will check your energy field. Subtle forms of energy are just as dangerous and destructive.