Clearing Negative Energy From Your Home or Office

August recently passed away peacefully. He felt he found himself and found his life’s true calling – to heal through the power of shamanistic healing and holistic spiritual healing. Your support of his healing practice was very meaningful to him. Blessings to you!

Early in my practice, I discovered that a few clients came back feeling worse. With another healer we began to make home visits. We discovered that there were negative vortexes emitting entities and other form of dark energy. We removed the negative vortexes and everything that had come out of them and the people healed. Now once someone makes an appointment, I check their homes and work places before they come for an appointment. Why heal a person and then return them to a toxic environment? Negative vortexes can be removed and  positive ones put in their place and light bridges can be installed to deflect negative energy.

There are many places in the world where death and destruction had occurred. The land holds much of that negative energy which can be cleared. In places far away, I go into a trance and take a middle world journey and go with my healing team and clear the land. Where battles have occurred there are often dead soldiers there who have not crossed over.

An example, I was visiting Gettysburg Pennsylvania( I am a 1973 Graduate of the Seminary) I went into a trance and was greeted by a Confederate Captain and his squad. I offered to heal and cross over he and his men and he replied with a   “No Thanks !  General Lee will be here soon with reinforcements” Soul caught in the in between world still have free will and so my offer was turned down.

I was working with a client and cleared her home several times (usually once is all that is needed) I asked her who she bought the house from. She replied the local undertaker.

When there is a lull in activity I will go and clear and heal battlefields and other sited where there had been loss of life.

Places where there is a lot of transient people flow need to be cleared regularly I clear airports and places before I fly anywhere. I was planning to fly to the Spanish Canary Islands to visit a shaman friend. When making plans for the trip, I remembered an horrific airline disaster occurred at the Tenerife North Airport in 1977 when two fully loaded 747’s crashed in for and rain and 583 people were killed. I met with 3 other healers and took an middle world journey to the airport. 317 still had not crossed over. I was able to cross over 305. 12 refused. two days later one of the other healers did a forgiveness ritual for the remaining 12 who were partly responsible for the crash. Two weeks later when I landed at the same airport the runway and airport were filled with positive energy.Most of these clearings are done remotely.