Soul Illumination Clearing & Chakra Healing

First Step of the Healing Process: Illuminations

August recently passed away peacefully. He felt he found himself and found his life’s true calling – to heal through the power of shamanistic healing and holistic spiritual healing. Your support of his healing practice was very meaningful to him. Blessings to you!

The healing process starts will an illumination. We begin with you blowing into one of my stones the things that no longer serve you. I then muscle test you using the stone you just gave me. This is nonintrusive in that I do not know what you have blown into the stone, I pass the stone over your 7 chakras to find where the issues are residing in your body. Your bottom three chakras connect you to the earth. Your middle—heart chakra connects you to those whom you love. The top three chakras connect you to the divine. By muscle testing, I find what chakras are either weak or not working. I then, with a pendulum, clear the heavy energy out and then I respin them in a clockwise direction.

After getting your chakras up and running, using a black obsidian wand, I remove any heavy energy from your energetic body. All that I am doing is the same if a person is on the healing table or if I pull their energy body in from their remote location. In this illumination, I am clearing any imprints of issues that have concerned the client. This includes traumas such as PTSD and it also includes any curse, which I remove. Sometimes, deceased relatives attach themselves to a particular chakra. They are also healed, and then able to cross over.

Our bodies have over 100 chakras. I work with the main 7 and two others. We have an earth chakra about 18 inches below our bodies which I bring online. This helps the person to be better grounded. The 18 inches above their head is the crown star chakra. I take one of their angels and ask it to sit on the portal 24/7 for the person’s lifetime and only admit positive thoughts and energies.

Pet Healing

I often work with pets. Most pets have 5 chakras. I keep them separate than the person that is on the table and then when i am finished I put the pet on the table. If the dog or cat does not want to get on the table, I just do the same process from where they are in the room.

So What Happens Next

Sometimes, I extract what I find it in the initial process, and other times I wait for the next process, which is right after this one, called extractions. Extractions are described on the next page. Please contact me today for additional information on my Soul Illuminations that can contribute to Energy & Chakra Healing.