Distance Healing

August recently passed away peacefully. He felt he found himself and found his life’s true calling – to heal through the power of shamanistic healing and holistic spiritual healing. Your support of his healing practice was very meaningful to him. Blessings to you!

Many of my clients come from all over Virginia, and the neighboring states. If long distances are involved, I usually see the clients initially in person and the do the rest of the sessions remotely.The person calls me at a prearranged time, I then do the healing work, and they call me 1/2 hour later. I also clear homes and offices remotely with people throughout the globe. In all cases the energy healing is just as effective as it is in person.

I have worked and helped people from these continents:

  • Europe (currently Ireland, Germany and Spain)
  • South America
  • Asia

I’m also working with several clients in Alaska. Distance is not a barrier in energy healing so don’t worry about how far away I am, I can always help.


Curses are both dangerous and often  inter generational . Multiple accidents and  health issues are often signs of a curse. If you think you have a curse either call or email me. I will tell you if you have a curse and if you do what is it’s strength.

Then I will give you an estimate of the cost to remove the curse. I recently removed a curse that had adversely a family and it’s farm for 6 generations. Another curse removal involved one  that had followed a family until it’s removal last year and the curse originated in 7th. century Scotland. Curses affect people, property and land.  They can be removed !

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Based upon my training as a psychologist, I have treated many soldiers for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a military chaplain. The difference, which is profound, is that as a shaman I heal at the deepest level——-that of the energetic. In the illumination ( the first part of the healing process) the client blows their issues into one of the sacred stones and does not have to retell the painful story. As the shaman doing the healing I do not have to know the story, only find and remove the trauma wherever it is residing in the body.

PTSD is not limited to the military. My own experience with adult violence occurred when I was 8 years Old. Child abuse, sexual abuse and assault and the rape of women are all forms of PTSD. The shaman does not engage in talk therapy but heals at the energetic level. In a soul retrieval the energetic healing occurs at the time and place of the original wounding(usually early childhood). Once this original wound is healed, the other wounds begin to heal and lose their power in a very positive domino effect.