Holistic Spiritual Healings by Dr. August Lageman

My life has been one of being a seeker and a healer. I devote my energies to being a “hollow bone” and allowing the divine spirit to work through me in order to heal people, animals, and places.

As a young boy I was fascinated with how things grow and heal. This continued into my adult life and now looking back I realize that everything that I did had an element of healing in it from parish ministry to psychotherapy to military chaplaincy.

I did not discover the word “seeker” until about 20 years ago. I have always been a seeker. I have been blessed immensely since discovering the shaman path 12 years ago. Now as a seeker, I have found myself and my life’s true mission —– to heal people and places.

My work is made up of removing the blockages in a person’s energy field that prevent them from being their true self or causing illness and allowing the spirit’s healing energy to flow into the person. The work that I do gives me a profound sense of joy.


1) Happiness
2) Health
3) Wealth
4) Spirituality
5) Relationships
6) Sexuality
7) Success
8) Self esteem

Where are you strong? How is your will power? What is working in your life?
Where are you weak? Where do you get in your own way? What is not working in your life?
In what parts of your life are you confident? ( positive self messages)
What are you afraid of ? (negative self messages)

Two important books

1) The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson
2) Emotional Balance by Dr. Roy Martina